Leaflet on Jupyter - 2017-05-19 08:10:27

To do: Improve text. Give examples. Explain stuff, dude…! You need this package: https://github.com/ellisonbg/ipyleaflet

Jupyter Customization: NBSExtensions and themes - 2017-05-19 08:07:49

To do: Intro, write the article better. https://github.com/ipython-contrib/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions Installing nbsextensions: sudo pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions Color customization: Make file ~/.jupyter/custom/custom.css try: https://github.com/powerpak/jupyter-dark-theme

SparkR gapply mess - 2017-05-12 08:56:31

Hello, Do not assume anything. Never. Ever. Specially with SparkR (Apache Spark 2.1.0). When using the gapply function, maybe you want to return the key to mark the results in a function as follows: countRows <- function(key, values) { df <- data.frame(key=key, nvalues=nrow(values)) return(df) } count <- gapplyCollect(data, "keyAttribute", countRows) countRows <- function(key, values) { df <- data.frame(key=key, nvalues=nrow(values)) return(df) } count <- gapplyCollect(data, "keyAttribute", countRows) SURPRISE. You can’t. You should get this error:

Sony HitBit 55/75P dead VRAM diagnosis - 2017-02-25 10:48:47

Hey! Recently I bought a broken 75P just for fun (and well, it was cheap :)). It had a video problem which, after reading a couple of msx.org posts (Hit-bit With Broken Graphics and 75P black screen mainly), I believed it was a problem of VRAM as Grauw pointed. That was a clever way to debug it. Watching how Basic characters are output, you can see which bit is broken in the ASCII chart.

MSX2Cas - 2016-09-08 07:10:55

Very cool application for the phone. You can easily load .cas files on the phone and play them :).

asMSX bugfix 1: Ifs on .megarom - 2016-09-03 12:49:45

Hello! Finally some improvements on asMSX. At the start of this project JamQue told me that he had issues using ifs when the “.megarom” clause is active. The issue correction can be seen here in Github. The problem was that when generating a byte (for example, an LD instruction) it checks if it is able to generate it if the condition established for this level allows it. Original: The first if will only affect the if(type!

Tabla, DnB, Jazz and Jungle - 2016-08-23 21:04:05

So, once again I tried to discover which genre of the song “Men of war”, which is part of the OST of Breath Of Fire IV (A quite nice PlayStation RPG :)). I tried from tabla breaks to tabla dnb… couldn’t find it. Until now! I found this video with a bunch of dnb indian stuff. It misses the tabla but it’s nice! Leaving the electro world, I found Amrat Hussain Trio:

Learning Bison and Flex: The calculator - 2016-08-20 18:28:25

Hello everynyan, I’m learning how Bison and Flex work with an O’Reilly book and there can be found an example on how to build a calculator (which has an error on the code, probably there are more in the book, that’s why it has that kind of critics, but it works.). I ended up making an extension on it just to test my forgotten grammar skills. The code is the following:

Understanding asMSX Volume 2: lex.l - 2016-08-19 23:27:42

Welcome back to the mystery machine! Today, the spooky lex.l. As we saw in the previous post this file is full with constants, but to be more precise this is the file where you tell how to treat every string found. In fact, constants are not defined in this file but in dura.y, For example: “ld return MNEMO_LD”: Whenever you find a string that’s which characters ld, treat is as a token with value MNEMO_LD (Mnemotechnic for Load instruction).

Understanding asMSX Volume 1: Understanding the structure of the code - 2016-08-16 23:00:08

Hello! Welcome to another trip into another dark cave. Today we meet asMSX, an assembler for MSX’s Z80 made by Pitpan and bought and released with GPL license by cjv99 (Thanks!). Motivation It’s known that this assembler has some bugs, e.g. skipping IFDEFs when using MegaROM so there is an interest on knowing the internals of the code in order to fix this kind of bugs. My goal is not directly fixing bugs of this code but to provide more information about the code so all the people from the community may get themselves the code and fix it if there are any new bugs.

On R and parallelism - 2016-03-24 01:20:01

R, that language that is has gained its momentum due to the people discovering the need of analyzing data. There are other several alternatives but this is my poison (or poisson!) of choice. In this post we will try to cover how to parallelize your R code with the package parallel.  Why bother? One of my main concerns when I was starting with R is that “WOW! Everything runs in one thread!

New horizon - 2016-03-23 23:37:28

Well… Hello. What is expected of the first post of a blog? Well, actually it’s not the first post as this blog was created by $ADMIN for me to put my webcomic on it and I had 3 posts with test for automatic music play in loop (vital for my comics). But I was lazy. Very lazy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Whatever. Welcome to the captain’s log on the spaceship to amazing knowledge and Nutella.

Z80 For Loop - 0001-01-01 00:00:00

WHILE – FOR: We usually use B as counter. LD C, 5 LD A, 0 LD B, 100 .NEXT2: push BC LD B, 10 .NEXT: ADD A, C DJNZ .NEXT pop BC DJNZ .NEXT2