New horizon

Published 03-23-2016 23:37:28


Hello. What is expected of the first post of a blog? Well, actually it’s not the first post as this blog was created by $ADMIN for me to put my webcomic on it and I had 3 posts with test for automatic music play in loop (vital for my comics). But I was lazy. Very lazy.


Whatever. Welcome to the captain’s log on the spaceship to amazing knowledge and Nutella.

In this blog I plan, which doesn’t mean that I will, to write about what I learn, what I see, what I hear… but not in a exhaustive way, that’s the work of NSA and KGB (Greetings data sniffers!). My main focus will be on writing about what I’m learning and what I do, so it doesn’t go to the dumpster of my mind and can be useful to the people around the world that finds this.

On one side the blog will be about Machine learning, Statistics, Data Mining, Internet of Things (mainly struggling to code stuff for ESP8266 wifi standalone module), Linuxmancy (the art of using Linux and not die trying)… more… techy stuff. On the other side it will surely have music. A lot of music. Thousands of links to YouTube. Myriads of them. There. Waiting for you to listen them.

Here is the first:

So, TL;DR, I’ll post things I’m working on and whatever I feel that could fit well in this page. I hope I’m not wasting bits and energy with this project. Enjoy!

Sincerely yours,

The guy who writes this blog.