Connecting to modern Instant Messaging services with an MSX - 2018-04-08 20:11:15

Hello! It has been a while since the last post. Yes I’m alive. So, in this post I will introduce you to two marvelous concepts: BitlBee IRC on an MSX with an TCP/IP UNAPI compatible network card. Let’s begin… Introduction Why would you do that? I mean, there are more efficient ways to communicate with other people that require less effort, right? Well, here are my two cents for the first point, BitlBee.

On R and parallelism - 2016-03-24 01:20:01

R, that language that is has gained its momentum due to the people discovering the need of analyzing data. There are other several alternatives but this is my poison (or poisson!) of choice. In this post we will try to cover how to parallelize your R code with the package parallel.  Why bother? One of my main concerns when I was starting with R is that “WOW! Everything runs in one thread!