Changing MSX HB-T7 Power Supply Unit - 2019-07-09 08:03:18

Hellllooooo everyone! I’m alive, again. Maki asked me to make a blog post about how we changed the MSX HitBit T7 japanese power supply unit (from now on PSU) for a more modern and european one. So, let’s do this. Update (2020-05-29): Victor Muñoz tutorial Victor Muñoz followed this post (plus the discussion we have had on email) and did this mod. He has shared with me a PDF containing the tutorial he has made.

Sony HitBit 55/75P dead VRAM diagnosis - 2017-02-25 10:48:47

Hey! Recently I bought a broken 75P just for fun (and well, it was cheap :)). It had a video problem which, after reading a couple of posts (Hit-bit With Broken Graphics and 75P black screen mainly), I believed it was a problem of VRAM as Grauw pointed. That was a clever way to debug it. Watching how Basic characters are output, you can see which bit is broken in the ASCII chart.